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Applying The Cipher to:
Chromatic Isomorphic Symmetrical-Cross-Strung Whole-Tone Harp
(that’s a mouthful !)





. . . Then . . .



Medieval cross strung harp (on the right) -- the only one I’ve ever seen of that age. Is most likely diatonic but who knows.
[Le roi David et des musiciens. Psautier anglais de Saint-Alban (Hildeshaim)XIIe siècle (E. G. Millars English illuminated manuscripts)]



. . . more recently . . .



Recent 20th century Chromatic cross-strung harp -- but not isomorphic.



. . . and  Now . . .



Below, Ben Brown’s first and only custom built Chromatic Isomorphic Symmetrical Cross-Strung Whole-Tone Harp! (the one in front).




This is just a starter page, little explaination, a few drawings and pictures. More later.













Chromatic Isomorphic Symmetrical Cross-Strung Whole-Tone Harp

System Basics
Speller, 2 octaves, one color
Speller, 2 octaves, two color (C Major tones white)
Seventh Chords
Blank grids PDF













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