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The Cipher’s Universal Speller-Transposer



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The Cipher’s Universal Speller-Transposer is meant to help you do two separate things, spell and transpose:

  • Take any number formula (standard or Cipher) for any interval, scale, or chord, and you'll be able to find the correct letter-spelling for it  in any key (i.e. from any tonic or root).
  • or you can transpose (change) the letter spelling of any musical material from one key, tonic, or root, to another.

The Speller-Transposer works even if you ignore the chromatic numbers, (the Cipher specific content) and use only standard formula numbers.

At first glance the Speller-Transposer might make your head spin a bit. It’s not a pretty sight as they say. But I didn’t create that spelling system. That’s how it is. Hopefully though, you’ll get a feel for it after a few minutes of explanation. You’ll probably only need it on occasion.




The book contains explanatory text and illustrations.



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