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Open Position chords for Baritone Ukulele DGBE

also: 4 course Renaissance Guitar and Guitarra Latina





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Included here are three pages of basic chords for 4 string Ukulele in Baritone (guitar-like) tuning. These cords are identicle to open position 6 string guitar chords without the two lowest pitched strings. The tuning’s spelling is likewise identicle, beeing D G B E (simply omits the guitar’s two lowest strings: E and A). These are the beginner chords, the open position chords (chords on the first three frets) and the basic barre-type chords.

Four string Ukulele of 1850 and beyond is virtually identicle to four course RenaissanceGuitar of the 1400’s and 1500’s, and four course Guitarra Latina and Lutes of 1250!

Ukulele tunings can be re-entrant, having their should-be lowest pitched string tuned an octave higher than ”normal”.  The larger baritone Ukulele (covered here) however is rarely if ever tuned re-entrant, so it’s the usual low to high stringing, just like guitar.

As you play those chords, picture yourself in 1250 or 1492, or 1550, or 1650 somewhere in Europe or even in “The New World” of the Carribian, Central, and South America’s, or Florida — because someone was doing the exact same thing the exact same way on their exact same instrument ;’)  You can purchase 4 course Ukulele’s (having doubled-string pairs, 8 strings in total) of all sizes even today. Search the internet for “8 string Ukulele”, also see eBay. $250 to $300 is typical. Lanikai is one brand available, see 8 string baritone Uke.

The 4 string/course Baritone Ukulele chords are also available in PDF for printing, see below.

Basic Ukulele, Renaissance Guitar, Guitarra Latina, Open Position Chords PDF — any “4th 3rd 4th” tuned instrument

Printable high-resolution PDF, 540k download. The essential open position chords (chords in first three frets) plus barre type chords. You can see these chords locally as well.

Note, these PFDs include a copy of the Baritone Ukulele Fretboard Note Speller [D G B E  tuning].

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Mac users click-hold and select “download link to disk” from the pop-up menu.

 Basic 4 course or 4 string Ukulele Chords
 also for Renaissance Guitar and Guitarra Latina (1250 AD)
. Tuning : D G B E







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